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Remove Snapshot — Operation Time Out

September 21st, 2009 | 42 Comments | Posted in VMware

vmwarelogoAbout two weeks ago, one of my virtual machine was suddently turn off when VCB was running to backup that VM.  I cannot turn on the VM.  The problem happens because of the CID-Parent CID mismatch.  The snapshot created by the VCB process have mismatch ID.  The problem already solved, but too bad, the VCB process left 6 VMs with snapshot named _VCB and/or Consolidate Helper – 0. More »

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Installing Exchange Server 2007 SP2

September 20th, 2009 | 90 Comments | Posted in Exchange server, Mail server, Windows

e2k7Microsoft has released service pack 2 for exchange server 2007 on August 24th, 2009.  It is available for download here.  Exchange 2007 SP2 includes many new features.  You can find the complete list of SP2 new features in You Had Me At EHLO blog.  One thing I like most is :

  • Exchange Volume Snapshot Backup Functionality A new backup plug-in has been added to the product that will enable customers to create Exchange backups when a backup is invoked through the Windows Server 2008 Backup tool.

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Error moving default offline address book generation server

September 18th, 2009 | 41 Comments | Posted in Exchange server, Mail server, Windows

e2k7I got an error when I try to move default offline address book generation server to other server.  The original OAB generation server cannot be found.  It was a testing server that was accidently deleted after migration process.  To solve this problem, I need to delete the old default OAB, create new default OAB, specify the new default OAB as the OAB for all mailbox database.

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How to uninstall Exchange Server 2007

September 17th, 2009 | 42 Comments | Posted in Exchange server, Mail server, Windows

e2k7There are some prerequisites need to be meet before you can uninstall Exchange Server 2007 from a server.   Completely removing this Exchange 2007 server from a server will includes removing all server roles, all installation files, and the Exchange server object and all its child objects from the Active Directory directory service. More »


Only disconnected mailboxes can be reconnected

September 12th, 2009 | 50 Comments | Posted in Exchange server, Mail server, Windows

e2k7This article explain about how to solve a problem of a disconnected mailbox that cannot be removed because the MaiboxGuid exist twice. The MailboxGuid of the disconnected mailbox is the same as the MailboxGuid of other active mailbox in different database. This problem arise when I disabled a mailbox of a user, created new mailbox for that user and moved the mailbox to other mailbox database. More »


9/9/9 9:9:9

September 9th, 2009 | 51 Comments | Posted in Gado-gado

9 September 09, 9 o’clock, 9 minute, 9 second. It’s a special time.
Give thanks to God for this special time and for always be with us in our live. Take your time for time for a moment, think what you’ve done and what you’ve got in your life. You’ll be grateful to Him. Give thanks to God.