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Restrict file type with vsftpd

September 4th, 2011 | 170 Comments | Posted in FTP, Linux, network

vsftpdvsftpd have an option to restrict file type(s) for upload/download.  That vsftpd option is deny_file.  For example, to restrict file *.mp3 and *.avi, use this in vsftpd configuration file:


If we put the option in vsftpd.conf, it will be applied to all vsftpd users.  In virtual users configuration, we can put the option in specific user configuration file, so only selected user will be affected by the configuration.

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Installing and Configuring OpenVPN Server on CentOS using Webmin (part 4)

September 4th, 2011 | 249 Comments | Posted in Linux, network, Security

Configuring pfSense as OpenVPN client for site-to-site VPN


In this section, we will discuss the client side of OpenVPN site-to-site configuration. At the client side, I use pfSense as the firewall, webproxy, and VPN gateway to connect to the HO through site-to-site VPN with OpenVPN server.

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