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Delete mail queue from or to a specific email address

March 25th, 2010 | 270 Comments | Posted in Mail server

Some times, you may need to delete mail queue from or to a specific email address in your Postfix mail server.   For example, if  you get spam attack that fills your server with a lot of emails from the same sender email address or to the same recipient email address, you need to clean those emails from your mail queue.

Manually deleting those email is very time consuming.  Here are the step to clean those email with one single command:

for i in `/usr/sbin/postqueue -p|grep '[email protected]' |awk {'print $1'}|grep -v '[email protected]'`; do /usr/sbin/postsuper -d $i ; done

This command will delete mail queue from or to [email protected].  To check current mail queue, run this command:

/usr/sbin/postqueue -p

Your mail queue will be much shorter.

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HA error – Could not reach isolation address

March 10th, 2010 | 54 Comments | Posted in VMware

I get this error message: “Could not reach isolation address: none specified” on one VMware VSphere host.  The error message only appear on one host. HA on the other hosts works normal.  I tried to run the “Reconfigure HA” on that host, the same error keep appear.   I also tried to disable HA for the cluster dan re-enabled it but no success.

After googled and searched, I found the source of the problem.  The default gateway on the Service Console was missing.   Not sure how this could happen.  After fill in the default gateway IP and run the Reconfigure HA, the HA works fine on that host.