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HA error – Could not reach isolation address

March 10th, 2010 | 54 Comments | Posted in VMware

I get this error message: “Could not reach isolation address: none specified” on one VMware VSphere host.  The error message only appear on one host. HA on the other hosts works normal.  I tried to run the “Reconfigure HA” on that host, the same error keep appear.   I also tried to disable HA for the cluster dan re-enabled it but no success.

After googled and searched, I found the source of the problem.  The default gateway on the Service Console was missing.   Not sure how this could happen.  After fill in the default gateway IP and run the Reconfigure HA, the HA works fine on that host.


Remove Snapshot — Operation Time Out

September 21st, 2009 | 42 Comments | Posted in VMware

vmwarelogoAbout two weeks ago, one of my virtual machine was suddently turn off when VCB was running to backup that VM.  I cannot turn on the VM.  The problem happens because of the CID-Parent CID mismatch.  The snapshot created by the VCB process have mismatch ID.  The problem already solved, but too bad, the VCB process left 6 VMs with snapshot named _VCB and/or Consolidate Helper – 0. More »

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Pass the VCP310 exam

July 30th, 2009 | 50 Comments | Posted in Certification, VMware

vcp-logo1 I just take the VMware Certified Professional on VI3 (VCP310) exam.   Pass it at the first shoot 🙂
Here are some info about the exam:
– series: VCP310
– question: 75
– time: 125 minutes
– passing score : 70

Tips: all materials presented in the VCP class room are more than enough for the preparation to take the exam.

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