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Google Apps (free edition) only for single user

January 5th, 2013 | 1,770 Comments | Posted in Domain Name, Mail server, Web hosting, Windows

googleappsThis morning, I notice that I cannot create a new free  Google Apps account any more.  Actually I wanted to create this Google Apps account for my wife start up project.

Google said that “Starting on December 6, 2012, Google will no longer offer new accounts for the free edition of Google Apps.   If you already have the free edition, you can continue to use it for free. This change has no impact on existing users of the free edition. ” More »

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Only USD2.2, you can host a blog with your own domain name

June 19th, 2009 | 175 Comments | Posted in Blogging, Domain Name, Web hosting

Do you have a blog?  Still host it at blogspot.com or wordpress.com ?  Want to have a blog on your own domain name ? You can host a blog with your own domain name with only USD 2.2.  You can also host your email account and have 50 mailboxes with 7 GB disk space for each mailbox for free.  More »

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