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Maximum Number of Telnet Sessions Active

April 8th, 2013 | 174 Comments | Posted in network, Switch

By default, ProCurve switches support a total of three open Telnet sessions and do not automatically terminate sessions that were not properly exited.
When the maximum telnet session reached, when we try to telnet the switch, we will get a message “Sorry, the maximum number of telnet sessions are active. Try again later.”
To close the open Telnet sessions, it is necessary to either access the switch over the serial console port and kill the sessions, or else reboot.
When you access the switch through a serial console session, issue the command: “kill” at the prompt. This closes the open Telnet sessions.
To close specific telnet session, issue the command “kill <session>”. You can issue the command “show telnet” to list the telnet session.
To automatically close inactive Telnet sessions, configure an inactivity timer setting.

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Setup time synchronization on HP Procurve switches

August 7th, 2011 | 240 Comments | Posted in network, Switch

By default, when an HP Procurve switch reboot, the switch time will revert to 1 Jan 1990 at 00:00:00. Some time, inaccurate time setting brings difficulties when we need to look at the log at a specific time. Manual time adjustments are not saved on HP Procurve switches after reboot. The solution is to setup time synchronization to a time (NTP) server. More »

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How to determine which switch and port a device is connected to

June 15th, 2009 | 189 Comments | Posted in Switch

Some times you need to trace a device (PC or notebook) is connected to which switch and port. For example, you need to find which switch and port is connected to a rogue DHCP server. If you are using Cisco catalyst switch, having the device IP and/or MAC address in hand you can find the device by searching at the mac address table of the switch. Although it is not difficult to do, in a big network, this task can be time consuming. More »

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